The most fun I’ve had outside of video games


Is it just me, or has there been a renewed interest in board and card games these last two years? Maybe they’ve always been popular and I’ve been sleeping under a rock. Either way, it’s clear that the current surge of traditional board games and card games on Kickstarter and new digital PC and console CCGs/TCGs such as MTG Duels of the Plainswalkers, Blizzard’s Hearthstone and Notch’s Scrolls have made me excited about this almost forgotten social past time.

So, a few months ago I picked up Carcassonne, a European board game about strategic city building. A friend and colleague did the same but added a few expansions too. We played it multiple times but it was only after the first or so round that I knew this would be the start of my new found love for board games. Along with some friends we had a lot of fun learning the finer strategies especially those introduced in the expansions like Builders and Traders. Up until today I’ve played probably 20 or more rounds of Carcasonne and still find it entertaining. Yet, I was yearning for something a little deeper.

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Android Developing: One small step

crystalball1So, this weekend I spent a couple of hours looking at some Android tutorials and actually found a very good tutorial that gets you out of the gate. So, after following the tutorial right up to the point where they force you to subscribe for a monthly fee, I decided to complete the project they started. Basically, it’s just a very simple “crystal ball” app that just selects a random answer “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe” and displays it in a textview. Super simple, yet  seeing a working version on my phone was enough to get me excited about programming again.

Tonight I spent another few hours just playing around with it even further, added a crystal ball image that changes color depending on the answer it decides. The final product is not much to look at but it works, and it makes me just a little bit proud of myself. 🙂

Today I Played…Smite!

Smite_picToday I tried Smite, a 3rd-person MOBA from the creators of Tribes Ascend. I really enjoyed the few rounds I played. The game is super fun and proves that a League of Legends style MOBA could work well in 3rd person, where each ability is skill-shot. I also streamed my first conquest match which can be viewed on my Twitch channel here.

Wii 4.3U – Fatal Frame 4 (Project Zero 4) Translation patch guide

Fatal Frame 4-wii-2

Hey guys. After some questions about how to apply the patch I used in my youtube video and talking with HistoryMajor7 on Youtube, I’ve decided to post his guide here. Initially, I tried to add it to the description but due to the length of the guide it couldn’t be placed in the description in its entirety.

So, without further adieu, HistoryMajor7‘s guide to applying the English translation patch Fatal Frame 4 on Wii 4.3U.

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hey jev whatcha playin?

So I’ve been spending more time on my new PC than I initially planned, no thanks to Steam sales and whatnot. It’s really become a problem to be honest. Every time I start up Steam the first thing I do is look at the sales which inevitably leads to me buying or at least think about buying some more games that I don’t have time to play. As of writing I have about eleven games bought from Steam since I got my new PC, and that has been maybe two months…!

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Thundercats, hooooo!

Wondering into a toy store this week my eye caught the Thundercats logo. Low and behold, a new line of Thundercats toys! Hold on, new Thundercats? Needless to say I was unaware they rebooted my favorite TV show from the late 80s. Jumped online and watched the first episode, tears nearly streaming from nostalgia. Can’t believe it took them so freakin long to remake this series. It’s such a unique show with such cool characters. Going to love catching up on this in the coming weeks. Might even drop some dough on the retro Lion-O figure.

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