TEG podcast blog now up!

I’ve been having a tough time finding a good place to host and keep the TEG Podcast files. After 2 episodes I’ve reached the 3 hour max on Soundcloud, so I was forced to delete the 1st episode so I can upload the 3rd. Now I started uploading all the files on Archive.org but getting the playlists on there working is too much effort for my taste. So, to keep all the files together, I’ve started a blog page for the podcast here. http://tegpodcast.wordpress.com/

So, future episode updates will be posted here, both for the Soundcloud link and the Archive.org link.

And yeah, that’s about it. Our next episode will be recorded on the 8th of January, hopefully edited and uploaded on the 9th.


I’m coming home!

So tomorrow I will fly home for a much needed break and return again on the 1st of March. Once I return I will resume playing Skyrim, taking Thorongil to places unknown and slaying dragons while I blog about my misadventures.

During my time away I will use the handhelds I have to get my gaming fix as well as catch up on some reading, and hopefully get some exercise and a tan (it’s been a long winter you know.) I will also fly to Australia for a week with my girlfriend which is what I’m probably looking forward to the most.

So for now I bid thee adieu. See you all in March internet!

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