(rumor) Ni No Kuni 2 coming to PS4

Now famous leaker-of-all-things-Sony @Tidux on Twitter just let out that Ni No Kuni 2 is coming to PS4!






TEG podcast blog now up!

I’ve been having a tough time finding a good place to host and keep the TEG Podcast files. After 2 episodes I’ve reached the 3 hour max on Soundcloud, so I was forced to delete the 1st episode so I can upload the 3rd. Now I started uploading all the files on Archive.org but getting the playlists on there working is too much effort for my taste. So, to keep all the files together, I’ve started a blog page for the podcast here. http://tegpodcast.wordpress.com/

So, future episode updates will be posted here, both for the Soundcloud link and the Archive.org link.

And yeah, that’s about it. Our next episode will be recorded on the 8th of January, hopefully edited and uploaded on the 9th.

On the IGN Alien Isolation review


I was typing a response to someone in the comments field about Ryan McCaffrey’s review of Alien Isolation and it turned out to be a pretty long response. Decided to repost it here.

I think everyone wants an unbiased review, except there really isn’t such a thing. Reviews, in their nature, are exactly that: a written and/or verbal account or the assessment of a product as it was perceived by the reviewer. So by definition it IS a biased account of a piece art or media. We THINK we want a series of bullet points detailing features and a mathematical equation that spits out a number based on pros and cons but, in truth that doesn’t tell us if we’ll really enjoy it or not. (go check out the website Objective Game Reviews for a laugh, you’ll see what I mean).

I’m sure the reviews editor puts thought into assigning games to reviewers who are qualified to review a game. If a person who obsess over and knows the Alien films inside out review an Alien game, would you really get an accurate and unbiased review from him? Inversely, would a person with no clue what Alien is have appreciation for the detail taken from the films or subtle nods to the series and give a fair review? No, we want a balance between the two and I’m quite sure that in most cases this is considered.

Repetition isn’t necessarily a negative point in a game’s design, but that really depends on the kind of game it is. Some games’ central mechanic is based on exactly that: repeating a series of tasks over and over with the point of challenging yourself and improving on your score, time or technique (like racing games, arcade games, even fighting games). However, in a game where story is central to the experience and the game’s hook lie in its atmosphere to create tension but instead the tension is reduced to boredom and frustration due to the unnecessary length and difficulty of the game (which in this game seems to be the case) it can severely hurt the overall experience.

It seems as if Alien debuted at no. 2 on the UK sales charts, so at least over there the IGN review didn’t seem to have much of an effect on the sales. 🙂

When Black Flag looks good, it looks amazing!

Just some shots from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Sailing your ship and engaging in naval combat look truly spectacular. Also, the entire game is pretty darn beautiful.

Board games: Part deux

So a few months ago I discovered that board games are actually still a thing, and a big thing at that. Starting with Carcassonne, then Catan, Ticket to Ride and  Dominion, my love and respect for worker placement games, deck builders and RPGs have grown a lot since then. Wow, are there a LOT of games to try!

Lucky enough for me I found that a lot of people I know were actually all closet board/card game nerds and it wasn’t long until I’ve gathered enough people to play games on a semi-regular basis. We’ve had a few week-night gatherings of Dominion and Munchkin as well as some two-player games such as Kahuna.

Anyway, so here’s a quick review of games that I’ve recently been playing. Continue reading

Today I Played…Smite!

Smite_picToday I tried Smite, a 3rd-person MOBA from the creators of Tribes Ascend. I really enjoyed the few rounds I played. The game is super fun and proves that a League of Legends style MOBA could work well in 3rd person, where each ability is skill-shot. I also streamed my first conquest match which can be viewed on my Twitch channel here.

Wii 4.3U – Fatal Frame 4 (Project Zero 4) Translation patch guide

Fatal Frame 4-wii-2

Hey guys. After some questions about how to apply the patch I used in my youtube video and talking with HistoryMajor7 on Youtube, I’ve decided to post his guide here. Initially, I tried to add it to the description but due to the length of the guide it couldn’t be placed in the description in its entirety.

So, without further adieu, HistoryMajor7‘s guide to applying the English translation patch Fatal Frame 4 on Wii 4.3U.

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