Wii 4.3U – Fatal Frame 4 (Project Zero 4) Translation patch guide

Fatal Frame 4-wii-2

Hey guys. After some questions about how to apply the patch I used in my youtube video and talking with HistoryMajor7 on Youtube, I’ve decided to post his guide here. Initially, I tried to add it to the description but due to the length of the guide it couldn’t be placed in the description in its entirety.

So, without further adieu, HistoryMajor7‘s guide to applying the English translation patch Fatal Frame 4 on Wii 4.3U.

**try at your own risk. I mean you are modding your Wii**
**Also I am not promoting modding. I just wanted to buy the game I bought. Seriously Nintendo why wouldn’t it be brought overseas so others can enjoy it. Seriously Nintendo, WTF**
**Give credit to the modders. I want to thank them for giving me a chance to play Fatal Frame**

What you will need:

1. A US Wii 4.3U

2. A retail copy of Fatal Frame imported from Japan (you will need it to use the patch)

3. An empty SD Card at least 1 GB. I used a SanDisk 1 GB. Create a folder and name it “apps” into the empty SD Card. Its explained in further detail below in item 4 in case you need to know what I mean
This is an SD Card http://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Flash-Memory-Card-SDSDB-002G-AFFP/dp/B007JRB0QA/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1364926610&sr=8-9&keywords=sandisk+1gb.
I used the 1GB

4. letter bomb for 4.3U if you are in North America (This will install the Homebrew Channel [but not the Homebrew Browser which you will need to download Riivolution. Its explained below]) http://www.wiibrew.org/wiki/LetterBomb or here is the direct link http://please.hackmii.com/. Follow the link to the letter bomb and follow the directions to install homebrew. Just download into your pc and extract it into your SD Card under the folder named “apps”. The “apps” folder should be created by you in the root (the main or default location of your SD Card. In other words, when you click the letter of the SD Card on your computer to show you what is in the Card; that is the root or default location.)

5. Fatal Frame 4 patches http://www.fatalframe4.net/ follow the link (there’s no more help for 4.3 install. I don’t know what happened to the site), download to your PC :
“Patch loader for 4.2”, “Patch loader for HBC”, and the “English Patch”

6. Riivolution. You get “Riivolution” from the Homebrew Channel after you install it (its explained below).

7. Homebrew Browser. Here’s the link http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Homebrew_Browser . Download it into your “apps” folder in your SD Card. Install it from the Homebrew Channel in your Nintendo Wii (insert the SD Card and click on the Homebrew Channel and install the browser from there.

8. A PC with an SD Card Reader (i.e. computer to move around things with your SD Card)

Once you have all the above this is what you do:

1. Install Homebrew Channel on your Wii using the letterbomb. (I can’t remember if you need to get rid of it from your SD Card after and if it stays in the Wii memory. I think you could leave it in your SD Card under the folder named “apps” I have to check my SD Card). It stays in the SD Card under the folder “apps” I checked.

2. Go into your Wii and into the Homebrew Channel after you install it into your Wii. From the Homebrew Channel and through the Homebrew Browser (after you installed that too) look for “Riivolution” install it into your Wii. I think it is under the “Applications” or “Apps” menu in the Homebrew Channel Browser. Install it into your Wii and it should be in your Homebrew Channel (I think it might have its own channel in your Wii now too)

3. Extract the 4.2 patch, the HBC patch and the English patch you downloaded from http://www.fatalframe4.net into the “apps” folder

**pay close attention to the next part. This took me forever to figure out since there are no real guides. And it was so simple.**

5. Next, take the extracted “Zero4” folder (there are 2 of them one in the 4.2 patch I think, and the other one is in the “English patch”) You want to take the Zero4 folder from the English patch (the patch that is like 300-400MB) and move it into the root of the SD Card. So the root of your SD Card should have three folders. The “apps” folder, the “Riivolution” folder (gets installed from hombrew browser), and the “Zero4” folder from the large English Patch. Everything else should be in the “apps” folder.

6. Now pop in your SD Card into your Wii along with your retail copy of Fatal Frame 4.

7. Now launch it through Riivolution. Go into the Riivolution channel or through it via Homebrew Channel . It should have like 3 different options in the Riivolution channel make sure they are all “enabled” and click on “Launch” and the game should launch. In the main menu under “options” or “menu” it should be in English and when you start the game the subtitles should be in English. Happy Gaming. Seriously next time bring it overseas!

Final note: If the game doesn’t load the patch at a later stage, all you need to do is exit the game and go back into the main menu (no need to restart the Wii) and go back into the Riivolution channel and it should load like it usually does.

Thanks again to HistoryMajor7 for the guide. Send him some good vibes if this helped you!


54 thoughts on “Wii 4.3U – Fatal Frame 4 (Project Zero 4) Translation patch guide

      • Hi, I am having serious issues downloading the English Patch. I did everything you listed. I went to the Fatal Frame 4 website to download the file “English Patch” , it starts to download, right in the middle of downloading it says “___compression zip file is invalid” or some error message, I thought it was my computer but I used 3 different computers and I’m helpless & desperate to get the english patch considering it just came in about a day or two ago and took almost 2 months to come in, & Ive looked on other websites that may have the download but they all look sketchy, any help? Do you think the patch on there website isn’t valid anymore? So consfused! Thanks! email me back at kaseymelkonian@gmail.com

      • I’m not entirely sure. Are you saying the Wii firmware that runs when you play Wii games is 4.3U? I’ve read that it is possible to install Homebrew channel on the WiiU’s Wii mode but I’m not sure if this guide applies to that. In theory, it could work, but I don’t have a WiiU to test it out.

  1. Omg~ with this and the french patch version of riivolution I could at last play FF4 in english again after unfortunatley updating my Wii ;^; I’m happy now~ Thank you for sharing this~ (and many thanks to the author of cousre) ^-^

  2. Hi there. I’ve been following your guide and I’m still have problems. The game launches but remains in Japanese. I also don’t get any of the “options” you say should appear in Riivolution to enable. As well as this, when I open Homebrew I get what appears to be a a channel named “Patch42 (SD Root)” just like the folder I downloaded. I’ve checked the placement of the files on the card many times and they are all in the right place. I do also have Bootmii installed. Does that change anything? If you could help me out that would be great. Thanks

    • Just so you maybe get an email, in case you’re still stuck. “Ok! So, I totally solved my problem. I followed everything, but to not mess anything up from this guys walkthrough, I kept everything as well. I went to the fatal frame 4 translation website and looked at their directions. you put everything they say on the root of your SD card. The private folder, the Zero folder, boot.dol, and I also added their patch folder for offline installation as well as merging the riivolution folder from Patch 42 with the one added when you install riivolution. I got the options and everythings in English! I haven’t tried to do the update that the fatal frame 4 translation people put out, I’m just excited I can read it. Anyway, thanks for this guide! Without it, I’d be stuck!”

      • How did you merge the Rii folders? Did you move one into the other? And EVERYTHING is on the root of your SD card? Nothing is in the apps folder created by Homebrew?

      • My SD card looks like this. (SD card Root) apps folder, Zero4 folder, boot.dol, private folder, patch folder, riivolution folder. inside the apps folder is homebrew_browser folder, another riivoltion folder (leftover from the download from homebrew browser) Patch42 folder, PatchHBC folder. I think the Patch42 and PatchHBC folders inside apps aren’t needed, but i got it working, so im not gonna mess around with anything right now. i just copied and pasted the riivolution folder from one of the patch folders (not sure if it was from Patch42 or PatchHBC) and my comp asked if i wanted to merge them. I said yeah. And thats how my SD card looks. 🙂

      • Thank you very much Sam with your latest post! It is what eventually got it working for me mimicking what you did and your folder structure on your SD card. I tried so many things and even this guide did not get me completely there.

        For anyone running 4.3 on their Wii, follow the guide above as it is very helpful but also follow what Sam did with his SD card. I did and it works flawlessly and I am now able to enjoy Fatal Frame 4 in its entirety.

        I also agree seriously Nintendo if you have a player community dedicated enough and willing to make an English translation patch for your game, maybe it is time to realize there is a fan base in the West side of the world. Just a thought.

        Anyways thanks to jevous for this guide and Sam for the finishing touches to get it working for me.


      • My boot file is a .elf

        And for some reason I can’t merge those folders. I can only replace one if I try and move them. Did your computer just randomly asked you? Or did you do something to make it ask you?

    • Hello. I am having the same problems as you were Mizuni, I can’t get any of the enable options on Riivolution and I’m getting the Patch42 channel thing on Homebrew. When I try to install the Patch42, everything seems to be going fine and then I get “install fail” press HOME to exit… What did you do to finally get it working for you?? Please help, Thank You

      • How did you get it to workkk. I can launch the game however, it is still in Japanese. Im stuck at that point, how do u get it so that the enabled options come up? everyone has been asking to send email with the files required to be put on the SD card, if thats easier then maybe you can send it to me? i know its been a looong time but I also want to get a chance to play this!

  3. Hi, I’m having the same problem as Mizuni. I’ve done everything, the only thing is that none of it’s in english besides the main menu. I also don’t get any of the “options” in Riivolution, and on my SD card, Riivolution isn’t on the root, it stayed under apps. Does that change anything?

  4. Ok! So, I totally solved my problem. I followed everything, but to not mess anything up from this guys walkthrough, I kept everything as well. I went to the fatal frame 4 translation website and looked at their directions. you put everything they say on the root of your SD card. The private folder, the Zero folder, boot.dol, and I also added their patch folder for offline installation as well as merging the riivolution folder from Patch 42 with the one added when you install riivolution. I got the options and everythings in English! I haven’t tried to do the update that the fatal frame 4 translation people put out, I’m just excited I can read it. Anyway, thanks for this guide! Without it, I’d be stuck!

  5. I can’t even install the homebrew browser (latest version). I ran the installer via homebrew channel, then it started installing, but after writing the images, the installer freezes (“Exception (DSI) occured!”). I have wii version 4.3E not U. Can this be the problem?

    • When I first ran homebrew browser, it got stuck in the same place. I got the Exception DSI thing too. All I did though was turn off the wii, restart, and try again. It worked the second time. An idea on the internet is to redownload the homebrew browser file again. I downloaded mine from here (don’t know if it will make a difference)


      On the righthand side is a links section with a download option under it. That’s all the ideas I have 😀

  6. @Sam: I followed everything step by step and still it doesn’t work. Is it possible for you to zip all files on your SDcard root and send it to me via WeTransfer (https://www.wetransfer.com/)? It’s quick and easy. This way, I can rule out every mistake I couls possibly make by copying the files. That would be awseome! My e-mail-address is girpav@googlemail.com. Best!

  7. I hardpatched my original retail copy with wiiscrubber, partitionbuilder, regionfrii. It loads from usbloadergx with english patch already inserted into iso. pimpmywii will fix any freeze issues. You can download it already hardpatched but it’s more fun to do it yourself.

  8. I had it all working before and finished the game almost twice.. but just out of nowhere, suddenly, riivolution / the patch stopped working, it detects the patch and everything but when I launch I just get a black screen, kind of a crash. I didn’t update the wii or anything @_@ how strange.

    • @smitty im also surprise about that too. A video how to would be nice im also new to all this to get the game to play on my wii, waiting on the game to be here friday before i can start to mess with the guide.

    • I’m surprised myself! Unfortunately, I’m unable to dedicate the time to such a video. I’m also a little afraid to start tinkering with CIOS files and firmware updates again. Maybe in the near future…?

  9. hello , i have ” FatalFrame4[NightLectionTeam].iso” , after mount and install , it creates a folder in program files that just contains a big DAT file and 2 exe files beside the uninstall exe , when launching , i can see dolphin emulator but i can’i see where it is installed or where the zero 4 iso really is ! i messed up with dolphin settings and i’m now unable to even launch the game , so i need to extract the iso from that big DAT file and try another version of dolphin , anyone had the same issue as mine ? any help will be appreciated , tnahks

  10. Would you send me a copy of the file as well? I would really appreciate it! I’ve been waiting for something like this!!

  11. I’ve been looking online for places to download this patch and it seems that the sites are no loner operational? Could anyone be so kind as to upload the files somewhere or send me a copy? Thanks in advance 🙂 graeme.eade@hotmail.com

  12. I have Wii with 4.3E firmware and original copy of Fatal Frame 4. Is there a way to play this game on my Wii?

    • Most important part is getting Homebrew channel on your system. This guide is quite old now but since you still have 4.3 on getting Homebrew channel on shouldn’t be a problem. Just google for some guides.

  13. Ah, hello! I’ve been reading your guide for this patch every since I got my retail copy of FF4, yet I’ve recently started on the whole process to get the thing working. I followed up all your instructions, yet I can’t get it to work. A bit worse, seeing as I’m trying too using up the update patch, could I ask for your help? I tried to do it by homebrew channel and riivolution won’t even show the patch, so I’m a bit confused of why. Here’s my mail paoanime@gmail.com, and thanks beforehand.

  14. Somehow I got the patch to work, even the update but… it’s all in black and white. I probably have to “force NTSC” but there is no such option in riivolution, only in gecko but if I start the game via gecko the patch doesn’t work…
    I have an European PAL-Wii.

  15. Hi i wonder if anyone can help me i have everything set up as it should but when i load the game through riivolution i just get a black screen like the games crashed

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