hey jev whatcha playin?

So I’ve been spending more time on my new PC than I initially planned, no thanks to Steam sales and whatnot. It’s really become a problem to be honest. Every time I start up Steam the first thing I do is look at the sales which inevitably leads to me buying or at least think about buying some more games that I don’t have time to play. As of writing I have about eleven games bought from Steam since I got my new PC, and that has been maybe two months…!

I did however manage to get my fix of the Castlevania franchise and other than finally finish Order of Ecclesia on DS, I played through the quite lengthy Lords of Shadow. The latter being much better at doing God of War than Castlevania. Either way, both games were great in their own respects.

I also started Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the only MGS game in the main, numbered series that I haven’t played. It’s a tough game, much more than MGS2 that I recently finished.

On PC I have, as I mentioned, been playing quite a bit of games. I gave DayZ as much love as I could before calling it quits (seriously, why was I playing a game that’s still in alpha?) I love the idea and the setting but technically it has a very long way to go before I get back into it. Check back in a couple of months.

Ghost Recon Online is another game I briefly got very into. That is until I discovered that, as with many other online shooters, it suffers from the same problems such as camping and general lack of co-operation among players. It’s a great game though, and if you have a couple of friends that you can jump into a lobby with (or even better, play in a clan match) it could possibly provide a lot of satisfaction. For now though, I’m going to take a little break.

The game I’ve been enjoying the most on PC is oddly not really a PC type game at all. Just Cause 2 has provided me with the most fun I’ve experienced in a long time.

As a final note, and continue staying within the theme of PC gaming, Steam’s Big Picture mode might just convince me to move my gaming rig to the living room. It’s still in beta but this might just be the next big thing for PC gaming. In fact, I think Valve has secretly been sneaking a new console into our homes without us even noticing. Sneaky sneaky.

I bought it just ’cause it was 5 bucks, I kept playing ’cause it was just so damn fun!


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