Castlevania LoS, Diablo 3, Just Cause 2

So I’m working my way through Lords of Shadow. It’s a great game only held back by being slightly too derivative of God of War. I would have loved to see them include more traditional Metroidvania elements just to give that nod to fans of the originals. Instead it tries to be a super serious hack n slash action game, treading on the superior GoW’s toes.

I’m also playing Diablo 3 on and off. I’m saying “on and off” as the game hasn’t really grabbed me as I hoped it would. I guess that my taste in games really has changed a lot. It’s still fun though and I’m definitely going to play it through a few more times.

Just Cause 2 is just seriously mad. I’ve heard Saints Row the 3rd beats it in the craziness aspect but the combination of Rico’s grappling hook and parachute makes moving around while causing chaos so much fun. It also looks glorious on PC!


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