On my playlist: D.R.U.G.S


I’ve been a big Chiodos fan since the days of “All Nereids Beware”. I liked their grunge-core style and while Craig Owens’s voice took a while to get used to, the overall sound was fresh at the time. But after the decidedly grungy All’s Well that Ends Well and the slightly more eccentric Bone Palace Ballet, the band moved on and left Owens behind. While I personally missed his vocals for Illuminaudio, ex-Yesterday’s Rising vocalist Brandon Bolmer definitely elevated the band’s overall quality way above what was possible with Owens.

So it happened that by accident I discovered Owens’s post-Chiodos gig Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows the other day. While I didn’t expect much I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by what I’ve heard so far. The diversity of the track list is great, offering old-school Chiodos-style tracks such as “My Swagger has a First Name” as well as more radio friendly hits like “I’m Here to Take the Sky” and “Sex Life”. A wonderful combination of tracks in my opinion and I’ll happily be listening to the album for next few weeks.


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