Skyrim Diary Day 5 – Thu’um

Thorongil : Female Nord Level 13

Current Location:

Equipment: Imperial bow of ice, Orcish greatsword of burning

After a good night’s rest at the inn of Iverstead my companion and I explored North of the village. We cleared some caves of bandits and undead and looted the chests we found. It was a good morning and knowing that we made Skyrim a slightly safer place by killing these outlaws raised our spirits.

We returned to Iverstead and decided to try again to make it up the Throat to High Hrothgar. With the slightly better equipment and stronger will we slew the frost troll that once blocked our path. High Hrothgar was just a few hour’s journey further.

The cold winds swept up and over the neck of the mountain as we reached the Greybeards in High Hrothgar. Causiously we entered their ancient halls. A man in black robes met us there and he seemed rather more welcoming than what we were lead to believe him be. His name was Arngeir, the leader of the Greybeards and helped me understand more about being dragonborn. I demonstrated to them what I could do but they wanted to see more. After passing several tests and learning how to better control my Thu’um they sent me on my final trial, to retrieve the legerndary Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

It was just before daybreak when we left High Hrothgar and so we headed North as they instructed. My companion and I made steady progress through the harsh mountain terrains of Skyrim, stopping only to catch our breath and refill our skins with nearby streamwater. The shadows of the day were growing long when we came across a stranger altar on the high slopes of a mountain we were crossing. We went to investigate but just as we came closer the shadow of two giant wings flew across us. A dragon with the power of a blizzard in its voice did not approve of our visit. Feeling more confident than before we stood our ground and cut down the beast as if it were a mere boar. As it fell I felt me absorbing his soul like a gust of wind. In in instant I became stronger, faster and more aware of my surroundings.

Yearning for a bed a leg of ham we stopped at yet another inn, this time at the riverside village of Morthal. We paid for our room and headed to bed, while the flute of a bard lulled us to sleep. Tomorrow we will find the Horn.

Play time: 014:15


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