Skyrim Diary Day 4 – The Claws of the Mountain

Thorongil : Female Nord Level 9

Current Location: Outskirts of Iverstead

Equipment: orcish bow, steel greatsword

On the fourth day my companion and I set off from Iverstead and ascended the steps of the Throat in search of the greybeards. “Dovakin” they called and for some reason I knew they were summoning me.

Our ascent was slow but steady with only a few stray wolves here and there. It wasn’t until we were about halfway up the slopes of the mountain, the forest miles below to our left, the summit miles above to our right when we hit a block in the road. A frost troll, standing nearly the height of two men, was not happy when we disrupted his afternoon hunt and decided to make a meal of us instead. For a brief instance we matched steel with claw but it was soon apparent that this match was not going to end in our favor and Lydia and I was forced to head back to Iverstead.

We headed to the inn and learned about a cave on a small island in the lake nearby and decided that it was worth exploring. We managed to clear the cave of the undead roaming it’s cold chambers and collected a few souvenirs while we were there. While our mountain expedition ended without success, our day didn’t seem like a complete waste in the end.

Play time: 09:18


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