Skyrim Diary Day 3 – Twilight

Thorongil : Female Nord Level 7

Current Location: Outskirts of Aiverstead

Equipment: hunting bow of sparks, iron greatsword

On the morn of the third day since my return to Skyrim my companion, Lydia, and I set off to find the whitebeards. Some say they lived high on the slopes of the Throat of the World and so we made our way South-East in the direction of Aiverstead. From there we will ascend the mountain in hope of meeting them and learning more about this dragonborn business.

By nightfall we reached the southern foot of the Throat and snow started falling. Lydia and I decided to find shelter in a nearby cave, not knowing it was inhabited by a clan of vampires. They were not the welcoming kind and no sooner we entered the cave did we have to defend ourselves. We put up quite a fight through most of the night but in the end we were just outnumbered. Running for our lives from the dank cave, the freezing morning air felt almost welcome. We barely escaped and were cold again but cold was better than dead by any measure.

We continued heading East but as day broke I felt weaker and the rays of the sun coming over the mountain almost burned my eyes. As it turns out, out scuffle with the vampires had more serious consequences. No doubt I will have to pay my sparkling friends another visit.

Play time: 07:37


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