Skyrim Diary Day 2 – Dragonborn

Thorongil : Female Nord Level 6

Current Location: Dragonsreach

Equipment: hunting bow, iron greatsword

It was just before dawn when we set off from Whiterun to face the dragon. A fierce battle insued but our ragtag group of guards and warriors took the beast down. It was then when I discovered that I have a special gift, that of the dragonborn. Somehow, it all made sense. That feeling I had when I first saw the dragon, the way it almost resonated with my soul, made me understand that we were somehow connected. I was told to find the Greybeards as they would know more of my talents.

Before I went there however, I saw to some local business. A redguard noble who betraid her people, was hiding in Whiterun and I assisted in her arrest. I felt bad for betraying her trust, but as the old saying goes “what goes around, comes around”.

Play time: 06:47


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